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THE FOCUS (3/5/2021)

A Lot Dangerous Than COVID 

The Root Cause of Cancel Culture is HIn Virus 

By Republic Report

A virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), which causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), once (and still) terrorized the world.  By 2019, more than 32.7 million people have died of AIDS and 75.7 million people have become infected with HIV since the start of the epidemic in 1981. That means the fatality rate of the virus is 43%! In other words, 43 people out of 100 people who contracted the virus would die. So, the HIV virus is much more dangerous than the coronavirus!

What makes HIV so deadly is because it destroys the body’s immunity system that fights diseases and makes people very vulnerable to any other diseases.

While HIV has been known to the world since 1981, another kind of HIV which had been known for a long time but it is now making a comeback and spreading out at a much faster rate than before. Its speed of infection is hand in hand with the emergence of the social media and Big Tech.  Unlike the real HIV, which destroys the body’s immunity system, this virus destroys humans’ intelligence system.  It is called Human Intelligencedeficiency Virus, which causes AIDS (Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome). It attacks people’s mindset.

As a result, people who are infected with this virus would have difficulties in succeeding in life since their mindset is jammed into a certain harmful pattern and not able to find creative and constructive solutions to their problems.  The Human Intellegencedeficiency Virus (HInV) is a combination of “always blaming others” and “seeing an ant in others’ eyes, and yet fail to see an elephant before one’s own eyes” attitudes.

Just like HIV, which paralyzes and kills people in a short period of time, HInV is terrorizing and causing people to live in perpetual defeat and misery. But unlike HIV, which instantly causes pain, this virus brings delusion and mental derangement to people who got contracted it. While its effects are similar to those of recreational drugs (feeling high and satisfied by blaming others), they are more dangerous because unlike drugs, HInV also implants hatred into people’s mind.

Once a person got infected with HInV, the person no longer believes that his/her attitude matters in his/her life. All that matters, according to the infected person, is other people’s attitude. Moreover, the person will fully believe that the root of all his/her problems are other people’s attitude toward him/her. The next effect is that the infected person will develop hatred toward others and eventually, the hatred will become his or her self-destructive weapon.

There are many examples, but the following is a typical one. One man who lives in poverty believes that his rich neighbor is the one who makes him poor. The man tells this to another man who lives nearby. Although the other man is also poor, he is only half-convinced of the first man’s conclusion that they are poor because of their rich neighbor. Then, an outsider comes to the neighborhood. The outsider, who is viewed by the two men as a more knowledgeable person, convinces them that it is the existence of their rich neighbor that causes them to be poor.

Believing this, the two men begin to develop prejudice and hatred toward the rich neighbor, which then impedes their creative thinking and efforts in promoting their own lives. In the end, it is a self-prophetic word. As the old saying goes, “You are what you believe.” It is their belief that makes them poor, not the existence of the rich man.

This example is not limited to an economic issue: poor and rich. It is also typical in social conflicts caused by race, religion, and ethnic group differentials.

Many problems that hinder our efforts in building better lives are instigated by our misunderstandings and misperception about other people of different background. How many of us have suspicion that other people of different socio-economic status or racial background are the sources of our problems? Yet, at the same time we forget that our problems and lack of development are actually the product of our “blaming others first” attitude and our victimhood mentality.

Our history is full of abuses, exploitations, and wars. Several centuries ago, a few European countries colonized more than half of the world. Individually, most people have had experience as victims, either by unfair treatment or by inexplicable acts of others. While victims are usually the ones that suffer, it is the reaction to the suffering that defines the destiny of any individual or community.

Once Confucius said, “We may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

Self-reflection occurs when people recognize that their attitude, not their neighbors and let alone crooked politicians, is the key factor in overcoming the problems they are facing. Alas, self-reflection is the virtue that people have abandoned in the era of social media.

We cannot build a better standard of living to our community and society if we encourage our generations to hate others of different background. Hate is a self-destructive attitude. It is inspired and energized by a perception that one is being victimized. In order to make people hate others so deeply, one must make them believe that they are being victimized, whether in the past or present. They must feel they are being robbed and abused.


Ultimately, they will develop and be deep-rooted in victimhood mentality. They will live as if they are always the victims, although in many situations they are actually the villains. Regardless, they will always be victims. Why? Because they forget the basic fact that a victim that keeps playing like a victim will forever be a victim.

This is essentially what cancel culture is all about. The root of cancel culture is the belief that one’s life challenges are wholly caused by other people of different background than him, whether politically, economically, racially, or socially, and hence the person needs to cancel the presence of the other people from his life. It is a culture disease caused by Human Intelligencedeficiency Virus or HInV.

Paradoxically, we are living in the technologically most connected era in the history of humankinds, and yet people tend to be more distant from each other. This is mainly due to the widespread of HInV. Many irresponsible individuals spread this virus through various medium, mainly the social media. Many politicians keep instilling this dangerous mentality and offer some false hope or taxpayers’ money in return for people’s votes.

Unless people protect themselves from this virus and show himself and others that only by virtue and positive attitude will one succeed in life, they will never achieve a better living standard. They will forever be victims—of their victimhood mentality. Which is why this virus is a lot dangerous than the coronavirus which causes COVID.


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