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THE FOCUS (2/26/2021)

 A Cultural Coup 

The Democratic party’s leadership and activists only believe in one way to solve the nation's challenges, and that is their way

By Republic Report

The left won the 2020 election, fraudulently, and their first order of business is to fundamentally change our lives without any regard to the voice of the political opposition. In a fair and honest election, the winner will give a little bit of respect to the political opponent partly because they realize that their victory is temporary. At some point, maybe in the subsequent election cycle, they could be the loser. After all, if they pass radical laws or enact radical policies, majority of the voters may vote against them at the next opportunity.


Today’s Democrats have no qualm about it. Given the way they “won” the 2020 election and their plans to make future elections highly favorable to them, including by converting millions of illegal immigrants to their voting bloc with their amnesty program, it’s very likely that they truly believe they have won future elections. So, to hell with the voice of dissent.


An election victory, especially a stolen one, doesn’t mean it is a free ticket to pass any law or enact any policy you want. An election was not won in a socio-cultural-political vacuum. While the ruling elite in the Democratic Party may embrace homogenous socio-cultural-political ideology—far left, secular Marxism, I highly doubt that their innocent and ignorant voters, those who do not know that their party has actually left them, support radical bills and policies their ruling elite is trying to impose on them and their nation.


Take for instance one of religious-cultural issues: abortion. None of the current Democratic Congress is openly pro-life. Back to the Democratic primary in 2019 and 2020, several Democratic presidential candidates said there is no more room in the party for pro-lifers. At one presidential debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders challenged “the men of this country” to “stand with the women” in support of abortion.

Any pro-life Democrat politician will be challenged vigorously by the pro-abortion absolutist Democratic Party leadership which teams up with pro-abortion groups. Ultimately, the party will be represented only by people who have monolithic view on the issue--to support abortion at any circumstances.


This is at odds with the general view of the Democratic voters. In 2020 Pew Research poll, 3 in 10 or more Democrats don’t agree with their party’s position on abortion. And according to 2020 Gallup poll, 50% of the Democrat voters think abortion should be illegal under any circumstances or legal only under certain circumstances. Yet, the Party leadership is hellbent on making abortion legal under any circumstance.

Gone is the era when the then Democratic president, Bill Clinton proclaimed in 1992 that “abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.” He later said, “We have to remind the American people once again that being pro-choice is very different from being pro-abortion.”

But today’s mantra of Democrats is “abortion on demand, at any stage, and as often as you can.” Being pro-choice certainly means pro-abortion.

Even Clinton’s statement in 1996 will be totally out of sync with today’s democrats. In 1996 he stated,

Americans believe deeply in the need to keep government out of private, personal matters. That is one reason why I am pro-choice. I believe we should all work to reduce the number of abortions. That is why I have worked to reduce teen pregnancy, remove barriers to cross-racial adoption, and provide tax credits to families willing to adopt. Still, I believe the ultimate choice should remain a matter for a woman to decide in consultation with her conscience, her doctor, and her God.

Conservatives or Republicans are not anti-abortion as what liberal democrats and their media propaganda machines always claim. In fact, quite contrary, majority of them support abortion but only under certain circumstances. From the Gallup poll:


  • 59% of republicans, 50% of independents, and 42% of democrats think abortion should be legal under certain circumstances.

  • 27% of republicans, 23% of independents, and 8 % of democrats think abortion should be illegal in all situation.

Let us use the party ID in 2020 where 29%, 30%, and 39% were republicans, democrats, and independents, respectively, to figure out the number of voters who think abortion should be legal under ANY circumstance or who are against abortion or against abortion on demand). According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 245 million eligible voters in 2020. Combined with the composition voters based on their view on the legality of abortion voters given the graph above, then there are 167.6 million voters (68.4% of total voters) who are against abortion or abortion on demand. This means a solid majority of American voters do not think abortion should be legal at any circumstances. 

However, the way the Democrats are operating politically is always or generally by appeasing the minority at the expense of the majority. Assume for the sake of argument that their intent is non-political and noble, that is to protect or promote the rights of the minority groups.  Unfortunately, in doing so they also violate or deny the basic rights of the majority. With respect to abortion, the compromise or sensible solution should be abortion is legal, rare, and safe with emphasis on the last two aspects. But the dominant position of the Democratic party leadership and activists is “abortion is on demand” which includes late term abortion.

For instance, Kamala Harris has voted against legislation to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and in support of late-term abortions. In 2019 and 2020, she voted to refuse protections for babies born alive after an abortion.

In May 2015, the near party-line of 242-184 vote, Republicans in the House passed a bill that banned 20-week abortion.  The then House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, called the bill "the most pro-life legislation to ever come before this body."

The bill still permitted abortions for minors who were victims of incest if the assault is reported to police or government agencies serving targets of child abuse. Republicans named the legislation the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, citing what they said is evidence that fetuses at 20 weeks can feel pain.


"It's time to open our eyes and allow our consciences to catch up with our technology," said Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., the bill's chief sponsor.


Abortion rights advocates say the measure violates women's privacy and cited doctors' groups like the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, which has gathered evidence that fetal pain is unlikely until weeks later.


"You want to talk about pain? Let's talk about the agony of a woman who's raped and again violated by unnecessary government intrusion," said Rep. Lois Frankel, D-Fla.

Of course, politicians rarely think with their head. A woman who was raped and then became pregnant would not keep her pregnancy until 20 weeks before she decided to do abortion. But what happened was Democratic politicians caved to the hardline abortion advocates.

It was not surprised that the Democrat killed the bill in the senate.  The motion in the senate, which needed 60 votes to advance, failed 54-42. Only 3 out of 48 Democratic senators voted in support of the motion. Obama himself had threatened to veto the bill should it arrive on his desk.

Ironically although it’s still in line with the default position of Democratic leadership that promote the demand of the minority at the expense of majority, based on statistics from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of 730,000 abortions in 2011, only 1.4% were performed after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Prussian Otto Von Bismarck once said that “Politics is the art of the possible.” A seemingly unsolvable problem can be solved politically. The key to a prospective solution is a compromise.

A compromise is a willingness of two or more parties which have competing interests or ideologies to reach across the aisle because they are bound by the greater good of the country. A compromise requires two things. One, an acceptance of a “no pain no gain” principle. Which means one must give up something in order to gain something else. Two, when given the last choice, the interest of the country trumps that of the political party.

Looking at the way the senate voted the justice nominations in the last three decades reveals that reaching across the aisle is mostly a one-way street, running from the Republicans to Democrats. When they reached out to the other party, as in the case of John Roberts’ nomination, they knew something better than most republicans did. John Roberts turns out to be a trusted ally of the Democrats in the U.S. Supreme Court.


Yes, we have dynamic and seemingly unsolvable conflicts of visions and directions in terms of culture, economy, and politics. Abortion is only one of many cultural-religious issues we are facing. Sexual orientation is another. As a nation, the solutions should be political ones, those which are rooted in the art of possibility and compromise. Unfortunately, the Democratic Party leadership and activists only believe in one way--their way, and completely disregard the beliefs and the views of majority of the American people.

And on culture issues, in some respect, it can be called a cultural coup.


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