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THE FOCUS (2/1/2021)

Reopening: The Best Stimulus

Enough with the Economic Restrictions. We Cannot Stimulus Our Way Out of Economic Hardship  

Joe Biden and the Republican Senate will be discussing the COVID Relief Bill today, 2/1. While it is important that lower and middle income Americans to have some economic support during this plandemic, it is also equally imperative to remember that we cannot stimulus our way out of this economic trouble. The best stimulus is a full reopening of the economy. ASAP! Enough with this shamdemic.

The COVID was sold to us in March of 2020 as the most deadly and contagious virus ever in the last century. But the data, both on the numbers of the cases and deaths, are riddled with inflation. After more than one year of the coronavirus, the infection rate is less than 10% with mortality rate (even counting inflated data) is 0.1%. These are far lower than the 60-70% and 1-3% infection rate and mortality rate, respectively, touted in spring and summer 2020 that scared the hell out of people. 

So, the Relief Bill must have a provision to audit the data of COVID cases and deaths. Will the Congress have the heart and mind to do that? I doubt.

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