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Soul-Searching Before the Storm

A storm is coming, and it's going to be devastating. We have seen and just experienced a taste of it. The attacks on the first amendment have already begun. The President and millions of his supporters are deprived of their access to use tech platforms to communicate. The efforts to rewrite history are on the way. The Big Tech are banning anything that indicates the election was stolen or marked with voter fraud.

The left is not pretending. They mean business and their business is mean. They are ruthless both in words and deeds. We know the former from their statements in the media or the House floor. The way they pulled off possibly the greatest election fraud in history can only be explained by wicked deeds.

The conservatives now have more questions than answers. Where do we go from here? Can we still save ourselves? Is the Republic done? And, who is going to save us?

Being hard-wired to God, they may also ask, “Is God going to save us from ourselves? While God is not absent in people’s business, He also stated to “search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.” (Jeremiah 17:10). One may be an agnostic, but the basic message is about the law of intended or unintended consequences.

In almost a century, America has had more freedom and prosperity than any other country in history. Ironically, we have corrupted ourselves, find all kinds of excuses to reject the freedom, and rush impetuously into socialism-communism, perhaps the most vile system ever constructed by humans. We arrogantly abort almost a million of our babies per year because they are inconvenient and it’s our rights to do so. Yet, we are cowardly hiding when some type of flu is coming. We are the most diverse country in history. The people of color generally enjoy the best welfare compared to their counterparts in any other countries in the world. Yet, we spend almost all of our time grumbling how horribly racist and evil we are, dividing our nation, burning towns, and rioting our communities over a manufactured problem: systemic racism. We shun our Founders and our previous great leaders and call them racists. In reality, it is down to this: We often use “humanity” as a cover to appeal to other people’s conscience in order to cancel or remove anything we don’t like. Our “humanity” is as fake as the news. But even if it is genuine, it is often driven by a corrupt mind that twists the truth at worst or a naive understanding at best. Perhaps the real reason for shunning them from our lives is to uproot America from her history and replace it with our utopian and wicked version.

It is not surprising that we have taken freedom for granted and have no clue about our own heritage. Sadly, those who despise their history will usually doom to repeat its worst parts but dump its best ones.

We said we are Christians but we are busy spending our time mocking God’s Commandments. Our churches and pastors are more worried about racism than personal virtues and more interested in preaching social justice than true salvation

Thanks to rapid technological development, ours is an increasingly more sophisticated world. We marvel at it. Yet, our civilization seems to be getting more fragile, ignorant, and spineless. We are hiding behind the comfort of our technology. The current generation seem to be more fainthearted than the preceding one.

Paradoxically, we are living in the most technologically connected era in history, yet, because of greed and twisted truth, we are perhaps living in the most socially disconnected era in history. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the first solution to the Covid-19 is socially distancing—physically. But we may have been socially distancing socially prior to that.

It is the social disconnection and apathy that give rise to all kinds of corrupt enterprises in almost all of our institutions. Hence, the corrupt politicians, judges, and media may be the mirror image of ourselves. Then when the storm comes, we ask “God, are You in the midst?” Surely, God is always in our midst. But perhaps He has had enough of our foolishness and rebellion and He is letting us to learn things the hard way. Maybe in the midst of helplessness, we need to kneel and pray for forgiveness, wisdom, courage and then turn from our wicked ways. Then as He said “I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Only after that we go out with our daily lives to battle for our freedom. Just like what George Washington did when he was filled with an overwhelming sense of helplessness in a dreadful winter at Val­ley Forge in 1777 while facing the British Army who were well fed on American bread and beef and their barracks warmed by American firewood. Or, as Abraham Lincoln, in the middle of tumultuous Civil War, said, “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right.”

Both leaders were faced with their respective defining moments in the history of our country. This year is our defining moment. As we look ahead to the impending powerful storm, we go back to our history and learn how the great founder and defender of our nation responded. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln kneeled on their knees, made sure they were on God’s side, and then asked for Divine guidance. This serves not only as our inspiration, but also a source of our spiritual strength as we are fighting our own struggle to keep the Republic. After all, in a battle between good versus evil, the march to victory begins with a vigorous spirit.​

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