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Democrats’ Version of Unity Means “Us Against Them”

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Crooked politicians like to divide people, because they are thriving in division. Even when they tried very hard to utter “unity”, it is as fake as the mainstream media. When they have two propositions in a sentence, you need only to focus on their second one. That’s all that matters.

So, here we are. President Joe Biden's inaugural address which began like a speech from heaven:

“This is a great nation. We are good people.”

“So, with purpose and resolve, we turn to those tasks of our time. Sustained by faith. Driven by conviction. And, devoted to one another and the country we love with all our hearts.”

This is the first of the two propositions in a sentence. All is good. All is well. All is hopeful and inspiring. Until you hammer it with the second proposition which reveals the true motive. And that’s a goddamn indictment of a portion of our population while at the same time perpetuating a victimhood mentality of another portion of our population.

Biden then recited what he believes to be the historic crimes of the nation and the sin of the soul that torment a considerable portion of our population. Among them are “political extremism, white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism.”

It’s always division. It’s always a villain-victim framework. A class warfare, whether by race or political ideology.

Just like death and taxes, socio-economic differences are certain. It happens in any society or even within a family. We see for example one person of three or four siblings is a successful businessperson or becomes a highly respected scientist, while her/his other siblings are just average people socioeconomically. However, it doesn’t mean that the successful sibling exploited his or her other ones along the way.

God doesn’t give each and every person exactly the same amount of endowment. What He gives to each and every person is a brain and mind to be able to think and discern his or her surrounding world which can then help him/her to achieve his/her life goals.

The real problem in America is not about racism, but political corruption by the ruling elites from both parties. It’s not about economic or racial injustice deliberately designed by a certain racial background to exploit other people of different racial backgrounds. It’s true that some portions of the population are still struggling socio-economically. However, it’s due to a combination of various factors, not the least is the failure of the most sacred institution in human life: family. Socioeconomic malaises in our society generally stem from the failure of families as a fundamental institution that is supposed to inculcate constructive values and traits to our and future generations.

Politicians and political activists love to muddy the water. As such, they take advantage of the situation by offering a wrong diagnosis and even worse solutions. “Your suffering,” they said, “it is because of the injustice committed by another group of people.” There are villains out there, those who are different from you.

Having preached that wrong diagnosis, they then come up with a cunning solution: to give power to crooked politicians. The result? The problem still exists if not getting worse, but the crooked politicians stay in power for decades with lavish lifestyles.

So, how do overcome these evils—“political extremism, white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism”?

True to himself as a long-time career politician (47 years in public office, mind you), Biden offered a non-solution solution: “Unity is the path.”

Quiz: How do you contradict yourself in one sentence or speech? Ask a politician. When you continually for decades disparage a group of people as villains and describe another group as victims, there is no unity in it. It’s all about revenge!

Don’t take my words on it. Let’s see how a liberal writer who published an article on Thursday (1/21) at the New York Times amplifying the calls of people who think President Joe Biden’s plan for unity needs to include “healing [that] requires holding perpetrators accountable.”

“Mr. Biden should not pitch unity to those who oppose shared political power, they say, but should unite the country in defeating those who stand in the way,” the author wrote.

And another, which comes from Dr. Jalane Schmidt, an activist and associate professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia who said to Times:

“We have a whole major political party that, too large of a section of it, supports undemocratic practices, voter suppression, and the coddling of these conspiracy theories”.

“So healing? Unity? You can’t do that with people who don’t adhere to basic democratic principles.”

Their basic message is the same. Unity is only with their ilk, but it’s a payback time for others.

It’s power and revenge. This is not surprising because the underlying theology of the Left and the Democratic Party has been social justice, not true redemption and salvation. And the underpinning of that theology is socio-economic class warfare which essentially divides rather than unites people from diverse racial, ideological, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Politicians, especially the corrupt ones, will thrive in such circumstances. For them, government is an all-encompassing solution and the state is the only player.

It’s no wonder that the Left is not a big supporter of Judeo-Christian ideology which is rooted in an individual-empowerment through redemption granted by God and people’s genuine connection with others. In this framework, God’s grace is an all-encompassing solution upon which all individual liberty and dynamics of human relationship are based on.

Equipped with God's grace, each individual is a player in this world that can go about their business to pursue and create their own destiny within the confinement of God’s commandments. Because the God of the universe is the creator and the giver of life, all lives, not just some, matter. In this case, the currency of life, as Martin Luther King said is “character”, which inspired by people’s relationship with God, and not skin color.

Only through this ideological paradigm can we build and promote real unity. Unfortunately, the Left’s message of unity is all about the former, that is “us against them” which is rooted in social justice theology with race as currency.

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